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Charles Grody Hydraze
Founder / CEO

Charles Grody

I want to flush your toilets! I'd love to hear from you, please reach out!

Jack Sturtevant Hydraze

Jack Sturtevant

I make sure your Hydraze experience is seamless. Schedule a demo with us!

Tuvia Rappaport Hydraze
Chief Engineer

Tuvia Rappaport

I make sure Hydraze works. This includes electronics and manufacturing.

Roger Mao Hydraze
Business Development

Roger Mao

I basically tell you to buy Hydraze. Don't hesistate to ask me why it rocks!

The Hydraze Story.

It was the summer of '17, and Charles Grody was but a sophomore at the University of Maryland. Unlike other college students, he regularly used the public facilities to take care of himself. This included showering, brushing his teeth, and most importantly: doing business. One day, the automatic toilets broke his last straw. Charles thought to himself,
"This is a toilet, not a f***ing waterpark?!"

And that's where it all began.

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