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Hydraze Automatic Toilet Latch
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Stop those pesky, growing water bills from eating at your profits


An automatic toilet that simply works

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Priced perfectly for 1-year ROI*

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*Based off 10,000 flushes/year ay ~ $20/1000gal

Hydraze Water Saving Latch

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For you, your customers, and the world.

Flush, don't waste

Hydraze flushes, but only when you need it to. Save your wallet AND your behind.

Best in Class

A solution that just makes sense. A logical, sensible solution - no expensive, fancy sensors required.

Go Green

Feel good, you're helping save the world. Learn more about water sustainability HERE

Soothe your worries

Stress no more! Hydraze has impact resistant housing, 3 year battery life, remote flushing, and online monitoring.

Data, Analyzed

Hydraze automatically adjusts water flow so that the bowl is clean. Every single time.

Constant Improvement

Our software is constantly updated to maximize your savings and provide the best experience possible.

Saving your water bill
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The Problem

Here's some real life feedback from Reddit on automatic toilets...

The Price

Hydraze pricing

We have something for your every need.

The Hydraze Upgrade

$250 unit

Upgrade automatic toilets

The Hydraze System

$350 unit

Convert manual toilets


$40 unit/year

Have a lot of toilets?

We know our competition - here's the data

The Others ~$600/unit Hydraze Upgrade $150 Manual ~$200
Extra Support
Constant Monitoring
Remote Flushing
Flush Volume Optimization

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